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The Origin of the Story: Aristotle’s Timeless Framework

BEGINNING, MIDDLE, END The three-act paradigm is the dominant model in modern movies, television and books. Once you see it, you’ll see it everywhere. Aristotle’s framework is simple. It all starts with a story having a beginning, a middle and an end. Here are the contents of the three acts


Is it really this simple? How to tell a great story

STORY STRUCTURE BASICS 3000 years ago, Aristotle wrote his first book on the structure of drama in “The Poetics”.  Since then not much has changed. In the book, Aristotle defines story as having a beginning, middle and ending, Act 1, Act 2 and Act 3. It seems obvious at first

The StoryFrame Guide to Story - The Hero's Jouney - documentary short film etc

One Story to rule them all: The Hero’s Journey

Not Just For Heroes Perhaps you’ve heard about The Hero’s Journey before, maybe you’ve even looked at it and thought “Hah!, I’m sure that works for Star Wars and The Matrix but clearly not for my story”. I am going to prove you wrong. The goal of this section is